GateKeeper - Discord Bot

An intuitive, community focused Discord bot with powerful server onboarding functionality.
GateKeeper is a specialised bot made for Discord which focuses on enhancing the experience for new members of your Discord community. It was originally developed over a year ago to remedy problems faced by community administrators trying to onboard new members by providing a unique suite of tools.
While GateKeeper is a closed source project, we are eager to implement new features and stay at the forefront of Discord's ever-growing library of tools for community servers. If you feel GateKeeper is missing a feature or have a 'crazy' idea no other bot developer has implemented, feel free to make a feature request by using the command /feedback (coming soon) or send us a message over on the support server.

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Key Features

  • Rule Screening supported auto-roles to grant members roles when they join.
  • React to messages to get roles (coming soon)
  • Automatically kick user's if they don't except the rules
  • Log users joining, leaving, getting kicked and more in a channel of your choice. (coming soon)
  • Create custom welcome messages and DMs to send to users when they join.
  • Screen for bots using CAPTCHA (coming soon)
  • Keep a track of your server's growth using statistic channels (coming soon)

Not what you're looking for?

GateKeeper is constantly evolving as the team works to bring new features and improve existing ones. You can even follow our road map to see if your feature is planned or submit your own feature requests with the command /feedback.

Getting Started

Invite GateKeeper
The button above will invite GateKeeper to your Discord server with all the permissions you need for all of its currently released features. You can tweak the permissions the bot uses using this guide.

Where to go next?

GateKeeper is full of fleshed out features, but the most popular features are rule screening, welcome messages and auto kick. Why not give the getting started pages on some of the features a try!

The Community

Join the support server!
For any kind support regarding GateKeeper and how it's made, join our discord server.

Support The Devs

Hosting GateKeeper requires expensive servers (which in turn use expensive electricity) which keeps the bot online with least possible downtime! Because of this we ask for your support, for the cost of a coffee each month you can help keep our dream alive and also snag yourself a handful of extra unique and amazing features. 💙
Visit the GateKeeper Plus documentation to learn more about the benefits of subscribing.