Common Issues

This feature is new to GateKeeper version 3. While it may look empty right now, it will soon be filled with the most frequent questions once the feature has been out for a while.

GateKeeper Plus

What happens when my GateKeeper Plus subscription expires?

Assuming you don't own a lifetime plan (still under consideration), all premium benefits will be reverted or removed. Assuming GateKeeper can contact you, a DM will be sent out 3 days before the end of the subscription and when it ends.

For example: if you assigned ten auto roles, the five most recent auto roles will be removed.

What happens to my lifetime plan if GateKeeper is shut down?

While this hopefully won't happen any time soon, in the event the team closes GateKeeper's doors forever we will attempt to contact all previous subscribers and lifetime plan (still under consideration) to give them exclusive access to GateKeeper's source code for the first six months after the bot goes offline. After six months the exclusivity window will end, and the bot's source code will be released to the public.

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