Setting Up Channel Messages

The welcome message functionality makes GateKeeper send a message to a channel when a user joins your server and accepts the rule screening (if it is enabled).

/welcome enable <channel>

Adding a welcome message is a really easy process! To start, type the command along with the channel it should be sent to and then select the option you wish to use: an embedded message or a plain message. After selecting this option, a modal will open and ask you for the rest of the relevant information.

Custom Fields

  • You can add custom fields to your message which are dynamically added when the message is sent.

FieldWorks In Title


User's Username


User's Nickname


Mentions Username


Server's Name


Server's Member Count


Time the User Joined


Time And Date


Short Date


Long Date




Time Since the User Joined

  • Want to use an image link from a provider other than Imgur? Well, you can! GateKeeper Premium subscribers can use any link they wish.

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