Terms Of Use

Last Modification: March 30, 2022

Terms of Use

  1. You may not use any of our services if you're under the legal age to use Discord. If caught, you will get blacklisted from our services and reported to Discord's trust and safety team.

  2. You may not use any of our services in your guild if it does not follow Discord Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Discord Partnership Code of Conduct if the guild is partnered.

  3. You are not allowed to add GateKeeper to "bot farms” or "ghost servers” to avoid the waste of resources and slow responses from the application.

  4. We reserve the right to modify or change this document at any time without notifying bot-users.


If you have further questions about our privacy practices, please contact us on the support server or via DM to EggsLeggs#0001 on Discord.

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