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Live Build: version 1.1

Why not take the next step in protecting your users by complimenting your rule screening with auto kick to protect communities from malicious bots.

Auto kick is a feature of GateKeeper that will remove any member of a server who hasn't accepted rule screening after a set amount of time. With the full release of the feature, you can now even send a message when the user runs out of time.

The command works by tracking users for the first couple of days when they join and polling a database every hour to see if a user has exceeded a time you allotted without accepting the rules in rule screening. If they haven't accepted the rules, they will promptly be removed - this helps reduce the risk of bot users joining and waiting in the server until they can raid your member's DMs as well as stopping user's from joining who have no plan on interacting with the community.

Where to go next?

  • Enable rule screening if you haven't already (auto-role not required).

pageGetting Started
  • Setup auto kick options by heading to the next page.

pageSetting Up Auto Kick

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